Hello, hello. It’s me, Charlotte.

Since this is an ‘about’ page I think it’s only fitting I give you some insight into what I find relevant enough to put in an ‘about’ section. Spoiler alert: it’s probably pretty insignificant.

I am twenty-one years old (cue the quiet wooing).

I like cats, pasta, history, TV and movies (duh) and I am quite partial to wasting large amounts of time on the internet.

I am in my third and final (I’m sweating profusely as I type this) year of University. I am an English and History major that changes her career goals weekly. I am fully aware that my arts degree is useless, no need to point it out to me. I’m kind of secretly hoping that I win the lottery before graduation, which is ridiculous┬ábecause I don’t buy lottery tickets. Or, in a similar line of silliness, I’m praying a billionaire falls madly in love with me. If you are a billionaire and you’re reading this, hello, I make very good buttered toast. That’s a lie. I don’t like butter, I use margarine, hate me all you want.

I love musical theatre. I cannot sing. Pity me.

I like to write. I’m currently working on the final draft of a novel, so we’ll see where that leads me.

I’m Australian, so y’know, g’day.

Oh and I’m a lady.

That’s all.