Things I learned last week…

I should really stop experimenting with cookie recipes. Apparently my version of marshmallow cookies isn’t as delicious as I’d imagined.


The Killers are making good music again.


I have to stop buying clothes online.


I might have wasted three years studying English. I might make a last minute change and switch my major to Writing. I might, I may, I will.


Never go to Bookfest without food. Coffee is not enough sustenance for eight hours of book browsing.


Grey’s Anatomy really is good TV. I just needed a good year away from it to recover from the absolute agony Shonda Rhimes put me through in season six.


I’m never going to tire of watching Jeremy Jordan belt out pretty songs. Can he please do another Broadway show? Thanks, that’d be great.


Pretty Little Liars will always let me down. Seriously, they should let the fans into the writing room, their theories are so much juicer.


Graduation is looming and so are bigger, better opportunities.


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